Letter to the Editor: Surveillance for Inconsiderate Pet Owners

A letter submitted by Public Health Director Peter Mirandi.

To the editor:

Providing surveillance at public parks and along the rail trail in order to discourage the few inconsiderate pet owners from improperly disposing of pet feces is cost prohibitive and, more importantly, should not be necessary. The fundamental responsibility of owning a pet is to adequately care for the animal. Not picking-up pet waste exposes all pets, and the public at large, to unsanitary conditions. This is a basic example of uncaring behavior. And if the vast minority of our 2,075 licensed pet owners require a firm but courteous reminder to this fact, please be so advised by way of this open letter.

The Danvers Leash Law is posted on the Town Website and is clearly written. In addition, questions and complaints are cheerfully fielded at this office whenever necessary. In sum, all are welcome to enjoy the fine open space Danvers provides for public use. Please do your part to keep it clean and safe.

Peter M. Mirandi

Director of Health & Veterans Services

Town Hall Office

Danvers, MA  01923

978-777-0001, 3095

M. M. February 27, 2012 at 11:42 PM
My spouse and I have also noticed an increase in the amount of plastic "doggy-bags" scattered around town, as a homeowner/runner/taxpayer and (at the moment) a pet-less person I find it disgusting that some dog-owners leave "it" by the side of the sidewalk or rail-trail. I will be walking more this spring and I sometimes think about inquiring pet-walkers if they are carrying bags and if they intend to use them. Except the pit bull walkers!
I Barry February 28, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I can't agree more about the issue of plastic "doggy-bags" left behind. My husband and I frequently walk the rail trail and always bring a bag along to pick up trash. Seldom does a trip go by that we don't have to pick up the tell tale 'plastic bag with the neat little knot on top'. What are these people thinking?


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