Marquis Says Education Big Player in State of Region

Marquis says major school building projects represent $200 million investment in education within Danvers.

Danvers Town Manager Wayne Marquis zeroed in on education in town during his remarks at the North Shore Chamber of Commerce's state of the region breakfast last week.

Marquis and other North Shore municipal leaders convened at the  for breakfast and to talk about the region from their respective corners. The panel included Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt, Beverly Mayor Bill Scanlon, Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Newburyport Mayor Donna Holiday and Amesbury Mayor Thatcher Kezer.

Marquis noted that Danvers has made two major investments in public education in the way of the new regional vocational school at and turning into a state-of-the-art campus.

Marquis said the megavoke project would not have been possible without support from each of the 17 member communities, state officials and lawmakers, particularly Sen. Fred Berry.

"It's a partnership that will reap benefits on the North Shore for decades to come," said Marquis.

He went to list some of the highlights of the school, which is slated to open in September 2014, enroll up to 1,440 students and offer four career academies with two- or four-year programs for vocational and technical training.

and the site work is well underway, according to Marquis. He said the foundation is currently going in.

"The largest pile of loam I've ever seen in my life is sitting there on the Essex Aggie campus," he said. "You should drive by just to see the loam," he added, drawing laughs.

All joking aside, the new school will create a superbly trained workforce that will only benefit the current and future generations, Marquis said.

Along with the megavoke, the represents a $200 million investment in education, Marquis said. He said the renovations are still moving along on schedule and about $10 million under budget.

Marquis also mentioned the new Allied Health Building at the campus of , a $31 million investment in higher education.

He closed his remarks, citing George Peabody's famous refrain: "Education -- a debt due from present to future generations."

"By all accounts, we're living up to that high standard and it promises a bright future for all," he said.


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