No Major Upsets in Tuesday’s Election

Incumbents Michael Powers, Eric Crane, Jean McCartin and Patricia Fraizier handily overcame challenges for their respective seats.

The polls closed Tuesday night with veteran incumbents Selectman Mike Powers and School Committee members Eric Crane and Jean McCartin easily winning reelection to their respective seats.

None of those three, however, actually topped the ticket for the day. That honor went to Charles Desmond, a newcomer to the Library Trustees, with 748 votes. Town Moderator Patricia Frazier finished just behind Desmond with 747 votes, defeating challenger Roger Franklin who finished with 207 votes.

Town Clerk Joseph Collins said Tuesday’s turnout was between 5 and 6 percent, not exactly unexpected in a local election, but it is lower than last year’s turnout of 7 percent.

In the race for Selectman, Powers, 56, secured 72 percent of the vote over Franklin, 65, who has acknowledged he ran to give voters a choice in the election.

Powers, who arrived at shortly after 8 p.m. when the polls closed, was naturally glad to see such support for his candidacy again this year, but noted one should “never assume” anything in a political race.

“The election was about my performance [on the board],” Powers said.

He said he’s not actively seeking to retain his chairmanship of the Board of Selectmen and anticipates there will be some definite interest among his colleagues.

Selectmen Dan Bennett and William Clark have yet to chair the board. On Thursday, selectmen will convene briefly to elect a new chairman and conduct preliminary business for the year.

Crane was likewise down at Town Hall, actively checking results as they became available and keeping McCartin apprised via phone. McCartin was recovering from a bad cold.

Crane, 50 and the most senior member of the School Committee, kept ahead of the field with 33 percent of the vote on Tuesday. McCartin, 50, captured 30 percent while challenger Manuel Lopes, also 50, accounted for 21 percent. Just over 300 ballots were left blank.

“I’m gratified. We appreciate the town giving us another three years,” Crane said after the results became official. He said he did finally meet and speak with Lopes last week during a candidate forum held on .

“Frankly, we didn’t really disagree on a whole lot,” Crane said. “Anybody that runs, I give him credit for running.”

Considering that Lopes only trailed McCartin by 190 votes after running a low-profile campaign in his first bid for public office in Danvers, Crane acknowledged there probably is a segment of voters who feel it’s time for change. He has spent 10 years on the School Committee and McCartin has put in nine. Then again, they didn’t spend much time or money campaigning for this election either.

McCartin, reached at home, said she was “delighted” to keep her seat on the committee for another three years and is looking forward to continuing the job, even as tough financial prospects loom ahead.

Filling out the other town-wide races Tuesday, Wilbur Cobb and Irene Conte were reelected as Library Trustees and Ann Marie Penick was the lone person to seek a vacant seat on the Housing Authority Commission.

As far as contested races for Town Meeting members, Carla King pulled ahead of David Thomson to earn the fifth spot in Precinct 4 and William Bradstreet finished in fifth in Precinct 7, ahead of Alan Vervaeke, John Zavaglia and Christopher Falling.

Joshua Clark, son of Selectman William Clark, snagged 100 votes in that race to easily secure a seat at Town Meeting, and he also came out ahead in the race to fill a vacant unexpired term in Precinct 7.

It was unclear last night what the remedy would be in that situation.

Lastly, in Precinct 1, there is still a vacant seat since a fifth candidate did not run for the position. The seat could be filled by caucus.

Moderator — 1 for 1 year

Candidate Total Votes Roger D. Franklin, Sr. 207 Patricia C. Fraizer 747 incumbent 

Selectman — 1 for 3 years


Total Votes

Roger D. Franklin, Sr. 236 Michael W. Powers 708 incumbent

School Committee — 2 for 3 years

Candidate Total Votes Manuel J. Lopes 407 Jean M. McCartin 597 incumbent Eric R. Crane 659 incumbent

Library Trustees — 3 for 3 years

Candidate Total Votes Wilbur S. Cobb 708 incumbent Irene Z. Conte 662 incumbent Charles F. Desmond 748

Housing Authority — 1 for 2 years

Candidate Total Votes Ann Marie Penick 701

Town Meeting Members

Precinct 1 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes
Donna L. Cahill 82 incumbent Janice R. Tipert 89 incumbent William M. Prentiss 83 incumbent Karen Nelson 25 No candidate filed Precinct 2 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes Robert Francis Cummings, Jr. 88 incumbent Linda A. Negip 85 incumbent Thomas M. Savage 85 incumbent Donna M. Marden 84 incumbent Thomas J. Gately II
83 incumbent Precinct 2 — 1 for 2 years Name Total Votes Shirley A. Farrell 100 Precinct 2 — 1 for 1 year Name Total Votes Michael Trainor 95 Precinct 3 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes
Joan M. George 49 incumbent Edward A. Sullivan 41 incumbent Kathleen Turcotte 45 incumbent Sandra A. Lane 43 incumbent Dana Michael Hagan 51 incumbent Precinct 4 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes John F. Webb 79 (2) incumbent Carla E. King 61 (5) David Bruce Thomson 51 William J. Bates, Jr.
66 (3) incumbent Keelin C. Dawe 65 (4) incumbent Paul Pawlak, Jr.
83 (1) incumbent Precinct 5 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes
Lawrence H. Crowley 137 incumbent Cheryl L. Marshall 135 incumbent Tenley Page Bevins
126 incumbent Antonio G. Bettencourt
119 incumbent Michael G. Grandmaison
131 incumbent Precinct 6 — 5 for years Name Total Votes Sheryl James 107 incumbent James M. Sears 114 incumbent Maryann G. Kowolski 120 incumbent Lawrence P. Chisholm 106 incumbent Casey Powers 29 Precinct 7 — 5 for 3 years Name Total Votes Alan E. Vervaeke 44 incumbent John S. Zavaglia 52 incumbent Jennifer L. Churchill 72 (3) incumbent Robert G. Osgood
67 (4) incumbent Christopher L. Falling
Joshua R. Clark
100 (1)
Richard B. Trask
87 (2) incumbent William E. Bradstreet
65 (5) incumbent Precinct 7 — 1 for 1 year Name Total Votes Jennifer L. Churchill 35 Alan E. Vervaeke 16 Joshua R. Clark 66 Christopher L. Falling 13 Precinct 8 — 5 for 3 years Alan Weeks 82 incumbent William L. Nicholson 81 incumbent Janice L. Flynn 74 incumbent Robert F. Ryan, Sr.
79 incumbent John W. Duffill, Jr.
82 incumbent


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