Several Races in Place for May Election

Several elected town officials who are intent on keeping their seats are facing challenges in May in the Town Election.

The Annual Town Election is May 3 and there are a number of currently elected officials on the ballot again this year, as well as several challengers for their seats.

Incumbent officials, Selectman Michael Powers and School Committee members Eric Crane and Jean McCartin are all facing challenges. In Powers’ case, his opponent — Roger Franklin — is also vying for the job of Town Moderator against Patricia Fraizer.

On the race in Precinct 7 for a vacant one-year seat, no, you’re not seeing double — challengers and incumbent Town Meeting Members for that same precinct are running for the vacant seat as well.

Selectman — 1 for 3 years



Michael W. Powers 8 Cedar Hill Dr. incumbent Roger D. Franklin, Sr. 155 High St.

School Committee — 2 for 3 years

Candidate Address Eric R. Crane 13 Trinity St. incumbent Jean M. McCartin 9224 Kirkbride Dr. incumbent Manuel J. Lopes 24 Whipple St.

Moderator — 1 for 1 year

Candidate Address Patricia C. Fraizer 18 Hyde St. incumbent Roger D. Franklin, Sr. 155 High St.

Library Trustees — 3 for 3 years

Candidate Address Wilbur S. Cobb 4 Warren St. incumbent Irene Z. Conte 17 Fellows St. incumbent Charles F. Desmond 131 Conant St.

Housing Authority — 1 for 2 years

Candidate Address Ann Marie Penick 19D Stone St.

Town Meeting Members

Precinct 1 — 5 for 3 years William M. Prentiss 14 Lawrence St. incumbent Donna L. Cahill 19 School St. incumbent Janice R. Tipert 16 Alden St. incumbent No candidate filed No candidate filed Precinct 2 — 5 for 3 years Thomas J. Gately II 19 Ray St. incumbent Donna M. Marden 4 Palmer Ave. incumbent Robert Francis Cummings, Jr. 176 Pine St. incumbent Linda A. Negip 70 Collins St. incumbent Thomas M. Savage 57 Sylvan St. #4F incumbent Precinct 2 — 1 for 2 years Shirley A. Farrell 15 Bow St. Precinct 2 — 1 for 1 year Michael Trainor 30 Ryan Rd. Precinct 3 — 5 for 3 years Sandra A. Lane 17 Jacobs Ave. incumbent Dana Michael Hagan 21 Roman Ave. incumbent Kathleen Turcotte 89 Water St. incumbent Joan M. George 77 Water St. incumbent Edward A. Sullivan 13 Garfield Ave. incumbent Precinct 4 — 5 for 3 years Paul Pawlak, Jr. 60 Summer St. incumbent Keelin C. Dawe 10 Orrantia Cir. incumbent William J. Bates, Jr. 14 Lobao Dr. incumbent Carla E. King 147 Maple St. Dave Bruce Thomson 9 Drummond Ct. John F. Webb 3 Innis Dr. incumbent Precinct 5 — 5 for 3 years Tenley Page Bevins 39 Sherwood Ave. incumbent Lawrence H. Crowley 34 Sherwood Ave. incumbent Antonio G. Bettencourt 15 Thorpe Cir. incumbent Michael G. Grandmaison 27 Thorpe Cir. incumbent Cheryl L. Marshall 37 North Shetland Rd. incumbent Precinct 6 — 5 for years James M. Sears 6 Calumet Rd. incumbent Maryann G. Kowolski 14 Treetops Ln. incumbent Sheryl James 1 Perkins Rd. incumbent Lawrence P. Chisholm 106 North St. incumbent No candidate filed Precinct 7 — 5 for 3 years Robert G. Osgood 95 Holten St. #302 incumbent John S. Zavaglia 34 Roosevelt Ave. incumbent Joshua R. Clark 165 Hobart St. Alan E. Vervaeke 35 Cherry St. incumbent Richard B. Trask 35 Centre St. incumbent William E. Bradstreet 18 Essex St. incumbent Christopher L. Falling 17 Braman St. Jennifer L. Churchill 16 Pickering St. incumbent Precinct 7 — 1 for 1 year Joshua R. Clark 165 Hobart St. Alan E. Vervaeke 35 Cherry St. Christopher L. Falling 16 Braman St. Jennifer L. Churchill 16 Pickering St. Precinct 8 — 5 for 3 years Alan Weeks 95 Centre St. incumbent William L. Nicholson 209 Centre St. incumbent John W. Duffill, Jr. 197 Centre St. incumbent Janice L. Flynn 42 Putnam Ln. incumbent Robert F. Ryan, Sr. 40 Glendale Dr. incumbent


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