MEMA to Add Texts to Warning System

The governor and the agency unveiled Ping4alerts! Friday.

In addition to the well-known television and radio alerts, the Massachusetts Emergency Management System on Friday unveiled a new tool to keep Bay Staters abreast of urgent news.

The latest system is called Ping4alerts! and allows residents to sign up for a free mobile communications application that will send alerts to iPhones and Android devices with immediate information and emergencies and disasters. 

"This newly added and innovative technology will allow Public Safety entities throughout the Commonwealth to not only alert citizens of an impending problem, but also push out many forms of specific information with detailed steps to help ensure their safety," Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray said at the MEMA Framingham headquarters, where he joined Gov. Deval Patrick in announcing Ping4alerts!

The text system marks the first major upgrade to the operations center since it was created, in the 1960s. 

The free application can be downloaded at www.mass.gov/mema/mobileapp. See the video attached to this article for more info on Ping4alerts!


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