Teen Buys Alcohol From Three Establishments in Recent Undercover Sting

The Board of Selectmen will hold hearings on June 17 about the violations.

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

The Danvers Board of Selectmen voted on Tuesday to bring the managers of establishments before the board at its June 17 meeting to discuss recent liquor violations.

A compliance check on May 30 found that three establishments served to a 19-year-old without asking for identification.

Police Chief Neil Ouellette said he was “disappointed” to report that three failed:

The undercover teenage buyer purchased a 12-pack of Heineken from RWJ Beverage, which is inside BJ’s Wholesale Club, a Bud Light from Maple Street Tavern and a Corona from the Polish Club.

The selectmen voted to bring the managers of those establishments for a public hearing to discuss the license and whether to suspend, revoke or take no action on the license.

Ouellette also asked the board to bring the manager of Matty’s Food & Spirits before the board. He said a bartender at Matty’s recently over-served a patron. The woman was given four cocktails in 90 minutes to two hours.

Matty’s called a taxi for her, but the woman returned a short time later and was attempting to get into her vehicle. Matty’s called police, which responded and put the woman into protective custody after she ran from them and hid behind a Dumpster.

The police chief suggested the board speak to the manager because “I see a little bit of a pattern and I don’t want to let it go unchecked.”

The board agreed to also bring the Matty’s manager before the board on June 17.


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