TELL US: Will Family Legal Issues Impact Tierney's Bid for Reelection?

Will Congressman John Tierney's family legal issues impact the 2012 District 6 campaign?

It was a tough week for Congressman John Tierney. Late last week, his brother-in-law Daniel Eremian — while being sentenced for racketeering in connection to his brother Robert Eremian's illegal offshore gambling business — 

Then, Robert Eremian himself — a fugitive living in the Caribbean — 

Tierney held a press conference on Tuesday denying these claims and dismissing the Eremians' statements as bitterness and lies. Congressman Tierney, whose wife served time in prison for her was not found to have had anything to do with the illegal activities of his brothers-in-law.

Tierney's opponent, Republican former , has been pressuring Tierney for months on the issue.

So we want to know your thoughts on this, as to how it will shape the campaign. Do you think this issue will impact the congressional election and affect people's votes? Leave a comment and discuss.

Kristen Till July 08, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Income Tax Fraud, Larceny, Ponzi Scheme, etc. "Mini Massachusetts Madoff" from Woburn, MA, a well documented "con man" with his perfected scams that date back to 1974. It's fascinating to me that the media wants to focus on "John Tierney" and that he may or may not have "known" (emphasis added) about his brother-in-laws activities. Meanwhile, a "known" con man that is guilty of Income Tax Fraud (an so much more) continues to be free to scam more innocent families. Where's the rage about the "no name" con man? If he was a politician, the media would have a feeding frenzy and perhaps we would see justice. The families and businesses that he scammed were thriving, contributing tax payers of society. The ripple effect of "Mini Massachusetts Madoff" is massive. Some of his con schemes can be seen on Victims Hub. We should not be focusing on whether or not John Tierney "knew" anything, we should be holding the authorities accountable for not returning the phone calls of well over 50 victims who's lives have been destroyed. Martha Coakley, where are you? Carmen Ortiz, where are you? We have more documents of Larceny, Fiduciary Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Ponzi Scheme, Bank Fraud, Bad Checks, and more......You cannot keep your doors closed on us forever just because we might not get you massive media face time. Where is our Justice? - www.VictimsHub.com
Victoria January 18, 2013 at 07:36 PM
I am shocked that Kristen Till would call someone a con man, after she bilked several store owner is Amesbury out of money for a "guide" that she never produced. Why don't you refund the money you stole Kristen?


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