Mandatory Recycling Program's Start 'Looks Encouraging'

Danvers has doubled the recycling tonnage since the start of the mandatory recycling program, in comparison to the same two weeks last year.

Weekly recycling is off to a good start, Danvers.

Results from the first week of recycling collection, when compared to the same week last year, show that Danvers’ recycling increased from 35 tons to 67 tons/week. Recycling collected during the second week of the new program increased from 27 tons collected last year to 59 tons/week of recycling collected.

"We have increased our recycling tonnage by 100 percent during the first 2 weeks of our program," the said in a release. "And we’re just getting started!"

Trash amounts currently average at about 100 tons a week, and Marquis told Selectmen that it appears to be down as well, but specific numbers are still being computed. For every ton of garbage that is reduced, the town saves $70.

"I don't  know if that will hold every week going forward from this point, but it sure looks encouraging," Marquis said.

Since the , Marquis said the few negative comments the DPW has received have generally have to do with recycling containers being thrown or left in the street. He noted that the town is working closely with the contractor, JRM, to work out those problems as they come up.

Starting this week, trash will not be picked up if there is no recycling or if residents are over the limit of three trash barrels. "A green sticker will be left explaining why your trash was not picked up," the DPW said. "Please remember to leave your recycling bin curbside until your trash has been picked up. If you remove your recycling bin before trash pickup, the hauler will assume that you had no recycling and will not pick up your trash."  

Recycling bins can be picked up for $5 at the on 95 Hobart St.


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