Countdown: Fox Hill and Maple Street Schools, 1981 Class Reunion

All the latest on the planning of our town reunion, Facebook group buzz and 1981 DHS class reunion information.

It’s November already and our countdown continues. The next couple of months should fly by as the holidays keep us busy, and before we know it, we’ll be in January 2012 with the reunion just seven months away.

The Canteen dance is still scheduled for June 30, 2012, and the venue has yet to be determined, with plans to be finalized soon.  Chuck Barnett and Diane McNulty are on top of things. They will keep us in the loop to confirm the date and the venue as soon as possible.

The Family Festival events will be a very important part of our town reunion, and we hope to see you at as many of them as possible.  Keep an eye on this weekly column for information about how to find fellow reunion attendees next summer!

This week, the Facebook group “You Know You Grew Up in Danvers When…” has kept busy with discussions about school banking, remembering the Fox Hill School, and students of Miss Ryan of the Maple Street School reconnecting with their first grade teacher.

The school banking discussion grew out of talks about Danvers Savings Bank being gone and . Many people remember Danvers Savings Bank initiating school banking days when we were in grade school. Once a week, you got your banking envelope, put your nickel or dime in and it was duly recorded and deposited into your Danvers Savings Bank account for you. It was a wonderful way to establish the good habit of saving money, and a great community outreach program for the bank to offer the school system. One group member recalls that not only was Tuesday our banking day, but that the bank’s slogan was “Save your dimes and watch your dollars grow.”

Member Linda Tavares Neilson posted this comment:  Who remembers first grade at Fox hill school on the corner of Endicott & Water St? I remember they divided the one room schoolhouse and had 1st & 2nd grade there, then it was on to Danversport School until 5th grade.

Her comment elicited responses from people who attended Fox Hill School in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Gene Mitch Turcotte replied, “I went to Fox Hill in 1955 & 56. I remember Mrs. Brown used to get her heels caught in the heat grate in the floor. The milkman used to leave two cases of milk, iced down, under the front porch and the smaller kids in the neighborhood used to drink some of the 1/2 pint cartons. They were probably hungry. A lot of people didn't have much back then. Mrs. Brown gave out some of the best tasting paste I ever ate!”

The Maple Street school alumni were happy to be sharing memories with Cate Ryan, who was a favorite teacher for first graders. They talked about their Halloween play.  Scott Holmes shared this when asked about the year,  “Not sure...1969-ish. Classmates were Besty Scanlon, Jeff Morin, Joel Bornstein, Doug La Fortune, Susan Scatterday( Worsham), Richard Griffin. Etc. I had the lead as "Little Jack Pumpkinface." I still remember my lines/ song.”

For those who want to know Scott’s lines, he reports them to be, "Little Jack Pumpkinface lived on a vine. Little Jack Pumpkinface thought it was fine. First he was small and green, then big and yellow. Litlle Jack Pumpkinface is a fine fellow. " ( Exit stage left, out of my gourd evennnn.)

Best of all, teacher Cate Ryan had lunch with former student Judy Longo this week. Both women were very happy to reunite and share some time together. It seems that the Danvers Town Wide Reunion is spreading its reach to many smaller reunions that will lead up to the big event.

Later this month is the DHS Class of 81 30th reunion. Here are the details:

Friday, November 25 at 7:00pm
Route One (225 Newbury Street)
Danvers, MA

OUR 30th REUNION HAS ARRIVED! (How did that happen?) We're planning an AWESOME night of dinner and dancing the night away on Nov 25th at 7pm to 12. Appetizers will be served from 7-8 pm, full buffet dinner at 8pm including Chicken and pastas, salad, vegetables and fruit etc... with yummy cake and coffee for dessert, cash bar and DJ all night long. Come and catch up with all of our classmates and have a great night out!! 

Please RSVP by sending $35.00 per person to "DHS Class of 1981" (check made out to same) C/O Bonnie Trecartin-Smith, 268 Aronimink Drive, Newtown Square, PA 19083. Please make sure to include your name, address and phone number for the DHS 81 class records.

Carla King November 03, 2011 at 11:19 AM
Class of 86 has a reunion same day! our info is on the patch


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