Troop Helps The Troops, and Others In Need

Danvers Girl Scouts Troop 60240 Are Paying It Forward to Operation Troop Support This Veteran's Day, And Hungry Families This Thanksgiving.

This week Danvers Patch is honoring the Girl Scout Troop 60240 for their outstanding dedication to the troops. These Whiz Kids are first time cadets in the Girl Scouts, working towards their Community Service Badges, and eventually their Silver Award. With Veteran's Day coming up this weekend, these young ladies are finding ways to ease the hardship of our troops stationed overseas.

Most recently, they volunteered their time to help out longtime Operation Troop Support advocates Steve and Ellen Godzik, of Danvers. The Godzik's home has been used for years to store items donated to Operation Troop Support, set aside specifically for use in the troops care packages during the holidays. This year the Girl Scout Troop 60240 spent an afternoon helping to prepare the packages, write cards and wrap the gifts that will be shipped to our soldiers for the holidays.

"The girls had fun, it was a great afternoon-I cut all the paper and the girls kept wrapping away, then we packed them into boxes-we have 25 different packages wrapped per box," Ellen Godzik said.  

"The girls had a great time helping Steve and Ellen prepare the packages," said troop leader Julie McCarriston. She explained that the troop has further plans to help out the troops. Next up on their busy agenda, the troop will host a bake sale at the Veteran’s day tournament on Saturday, November 12 at .

All of the profits from the bake sale will be donated to Operation Troop Support.  

The young ladies will also be heading over to Ma Dukes Pizza, Roast Beef And Seafood to help prepare Thanksgiving Dinner's for families in need with owner Debbie Marticio. Marticio has been providing this charitable service to hundreds of local families since opening her restaurant in 2007.

No strangers to helping out those in need, last year the troop earned their bronze award, the highest honor for a Junior Scout, after they held a 3 mile run/walk and earned $1,025.00 for the

Troop Leaders Julie McCarriston and Deb Uncuz are very proud of all the accomplishments that the troop has made. "They are an amazing group of girls...always willing to lend a hand whether it is from raising money at a bake table, writing cards, wrapping and stuffing the packages or helping prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. They are always there to help with a smile on their face," they said.

Whiz Kid’s Name and Age: Girl Scout Troop 60240 – first year Cadette’s

Allison Burke, 11; Liz Gianetta, 11; Mackenzie Gilmore, 11; Sarah McCarriston, 11, Julia Natale, 11; Lydia Runnals, 12; Caitlyn Shastop, 11; Jamila Tran, 11; Sarah Unczur, 11, Julie Unczur, 11. 

Whiz Kid’s School and Grade: Sixth graders,

Whiz Kid’s Accomplishment: Ongoing volunteers to support our American troops overseas, and others in need.

Whiz Kid’s Perspective:

When I volunteer it makes me happy because, I am doing something good to help others. ~Sarah McCarriston

…To me, volunteering means that you want to help others and are giving your time to something you believe in. ~Julie Unczur

To me, volunteering means helping out one another within a community, and giving back to that community. ~Sarah Unczur

I am very fortunate, and giving back to people who are not as. ~Lydia Runnals

I like to do the volunteer work because I like helping other people, and it makes me feel good, too. ~Mackenzie Gilmore

When I volunteer to do something, I feel that I am trying to get more involved and I feel pretty good about myself because I can be a helpful person. ~Jamila Tran

Volunteering to me means helping others out of kindness because you want to. ~Allison Burke

I am doing something kind for others and that makes me happy. ~Liz Gianetta

I enjoy volunteering because it makes me feel pure and selfless. Nothing can compare to the feeling one gets when helping others. ~Julia Natale

I like to volunteer to help others – I truly enjoy it. ~Caitlyn


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