Duggan Called ‘The Toughest Woman at the Olympics’

Meghan Duggan. Photo credit: USA Hockey.
Meghan Duggan. Photo credit: USA Hockey.

Accolades continue to flow in for Danvers’ Meghan Duggan, who is captaining the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team at the Sochi Olympics.

Duggan’s team is already 2-0 after a decisive 9-0 win over Switzerland on Monday. The team has a real test in its next game, which is against Canada on Wednesday.

Duggan was profiled by Cosmopolitan for a feature about the Olympics. The article talks about how Duggan has battled back from a major concussion two years ago.

She talked about not being able to talk or eat and how she sat in her parents’ Danvers home “nearly comatose” for months.

A year after the injury, Duggan checked into the Life Functional Neurology Center in Georgia where she worked for a week in “nontraditional, intense neurological therapy.”

She returned to the ice in February 2013. Duggan said she is taking a risk playing hockey, but needed to play in the Olympics.

"There were times that were really bad where I didn’t know how it would end up for me, so I definitely feel lucky,” she told Cosmo. “I think back [to] when I was struggling really bad. I was thinking of the pros and cons of getting back in and actually taking another hit. But since I’ve been back and I feel strong and I haven’t had any problems, I don’t feel any hesitation.”

Read the full article here.


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