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Proctor Farm Conservation Area
160 Conant St, Danvers, MA 01923

Enjoy a refreshing hike or picnic at the Proctor Farm Conservation Area. There are several woodland trails, picnicMore tables, benches and a gazebo spread over 41 acres of field, forest, marsh and meadow owned by the town. One extension of the trail also connects to Cherry Hill Drive. The historic farm is no longer in active use except for fields that are leased for hay. The house and barns of the original Proctors are now privately owned.

The farm was originally owned by John Proctor (1632-1692), a local 17th century farmer and tavern keeper. During the Salem Witch Trials, he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged. Proctor was in his 60s when the trials began. His wife, Elizabeth, was accused first of witchcraft by 12-year-old Abigail Williams on March 14, 1692, although no arrest warrant was drawn up until Friday, April 4, when John Proctor was also named. Elizabeth Proctor avoided execution because she was pregnant and by the time she had delivered her son, pardons were granted to the accused. She was still a convicted felon under the law, however, and thus unable to claim her late husband's property.

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